The Human Capitals offers a wide range of HR consulting services. Whether you have an in-house HR team and need expertise in one specific area or don’t have a full-time internal HR resource and just need to address some of the basics, we can help. Our expertise includes Managing Performance, Employee Relations, Corrective Action, Pay Equity, Compensation, Job Evaluation, Policies and Procedures, Recruiting and Retention, and Legislative Compliance.

See below for more information on all of our HR consulting services brought by The Human Capitals.

Performance Management

Most organizations now have some basic form of performance management in place, yet we consistently hear from organizations that it’s difficult to get managers to manage performance. The Human Capitals can help your line managers or your HR team handle performance situations. We develop or retool your performance management system; coach your managers in performance; provide performance management training; provide coaching in one-off performance situations up to, and including, terminations.

Employee Relations

Handling difficult employee situations is one of the toughest jobs managers face. Ensuring situations are dealt with fairly and meet legislative requirements may mean the difference between an effective resolution and costly litigation. The Human Capitals provides effective strategies and coaching for dealing with difficult employee situations such as poor performance, downsizing or terminations.

Job Evaluation

A solid job evaluation system is an integral part of your compensation program to ensure internal equity within your organization. The Human Capitals can assist by creating an effective job evaluation system or retooling your existing program to make it work more effectively for you. A common outcome of job evaluation is the need for new or revised job descriptions. We can assist by providing the expertise to help you create or enhance your job description library.

Policy and Program Development

Whether re-evaluating your HR policies, merging two systems or moving information on-line, The Human Capitals develops competitive and effective HR policies and programs to help motivate and retain your employees. Regardless of the size of your organization, it is prudent to have sound HR policies in place before you need them. We have extensive experience in HR policy development from the ground up and with updating and re-structuring existing policies.

Process Improvement 

Over time some systems can get so mired in ‘process’ that they become inefficient. We can help, whether you are looking at refining all of your HR systems, reviewing your best practices, or requiring attention to one specific area, department, or staffing level. The Human Capitals will conduct a thorough analysis and create an effective solution to optimize your HR systems and processes.

Organizational Effectiveness

Business owners and effective leaders know the value of an aligned organization where people and processes work in harmony. At The Human Capitals we help make your organization more effective through a rigorous review of your systems resulting in a comprehensive report with specific action plans. If your concern is beyond a single department or function, you may find that our services are for YOU.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews can provide valuable information to employers. However, exiting employees may be reluctant to share information for fear of ‘burning bridges’ and companies lose out on valuable and timely information. The Human Capitals provides a third-party exit interview process. Questions are customized for the employer. Employee anonymity is guaranteed so exiting employees are more comfortable to be forthcoming in their responses.

HR Implementation/Start-ups

Are you a growing company considering your own in-house HR department? The Human Capitals can assist in getting your in-house HR function established. We help ensure you have not only the basics covered, but are legislatively compliant and also have the tools and resources in place as you, and your new HR function grow. We encourage you to contact us for your complimentary HR consultation where we will go through our list of responsibilities and functions that your in-house team should practice. Our clients find this list useful in helping them determine the issues at hand that they may not be aware of and how best to approach them. 

Change Management

Corporate restructuring is constant in today’s business world. Many companies are affected by mergers, acquisitions or related downsizing. As you plan your structural change, it’s critical to assist your staff in navigating the changes to ensure business continuance and staff satisfaction. Through on-site support or consultative services, The Human Capitals helps by providing successful strategies to manage the change effectively.

Legislative Compliance

It can be quite challenging for organizations to keep up with the ongoing changes in employment law and human rights legislation. The Human Capitals can recommend federal and provincial employment legislation, human rights legislation, and employment and labour standards. We ensure that your policies, programs, and practices are legislatively compliant. We also help you understand and interpret employment legislation and standards.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Violence, Harassment and Discrimination are extremely serious matters and need to be dealt with appropriately to ensure legislative compliance and to avoid costly legal actions. We provide a skilled investigator to conduct an unbiased, third-party investigation of your complaint.

Virtual HR

Not large enough for a full-time HR department? Do you need to improve your current human resources functionality with some specific expertise from time-to-time? Use our NEW Virtual HR services. One of our highly qualified consultants will be your go-to for all things HR. Fully knowledgeable in all aspects of human resources and human resources management. Our dedicated team of consultants can tackle your concerns in areas such as employee relations, performance management, terminations, legislative compliance, recruiting, compensation and benefits and policy and program development. This service is ideal for small- to medium-sized organizations.

Leadership Training & Coaching

This leadership coaching program is intended for managers who need to sharpen their people leadership abilities. Individual coaching is ideal for managers who have never had the opportunity for formal management training or who would like to brush up on their management skills. Whether it is direction on how to develop team-building strategies, how to deal with a difficult employee relations issue or how to communicate more effectively, these coaching sessions deliver results.

COVID-19 Friendly Measures

The pandemic has had a significant impact on all our lives especially when it comes to business. We at The Human Capitals specialize in ensuring your facilities are COVID Friendly. We develop and implement direct measures that will help any organization minimize an outbreaks as well as being able to tackle one. We ensure your managers are trained to handle COVID concerns and make sure the MOL will not give you any orders. Please ensure to contact us TODAY so we can help set you up for the right direction.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Now more than ever, employee engagement, retention and performance management become crucial with the blurred work/home lines. We have spoken to countless organizations experiencing similar disruptions in measuring employees and their contributions beyond quantitative data. We can facilitate an organization wide survey either through a digital survey or contacting each employee to get more defined insights as to what works and what doesn’t.

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